Reverse enginereeng

We reverse engineer power transmission systems and rotating equipment used in many sectors such as Mining, Energy, Machinery, Iron and Steel and Cement. We have the experience of executing successful projects in more than 100 facilities in these sectors for years.
Our team of experienced engineers perform reverse engineering of all kinds of gear and geometric parts up to 4000 mm diameter by using high-tech measuring and testing devices. We prepare and present the technical documents required for the remanufacturing of all kinds of helical gear, planetary, bevel and worm type reducers, couplings and other equipment to our customers.
Why Reverse Engineering? :

It provides the opportunity to obtain technical drawings of parts by applying the reverse engineering methods in case of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) issues or high costs, refurbishment of old machines or if an existing system needs to be modified for certain reasons.
Thanks to this service we offer on-site to our customers, we provide the following advantages:

  1. Minimizing production downtime
  2. Manufacturing of machine and spare parts at low costs using domestic resources
  3. Getting quotes from different manufacturers.