Some of Our projects

Helix angle measurement of helical gears

With the method we have produced, we measure the helix angle of the helical gears with high precision in 10 minutes. Thanks to this Application, in gear reverse engineering operations, all details of the gears are obtained in the field where they work perfectly and flawlessly (even without being removed from the gearbox). This Application is being invented for the first time in Turkey by our Company and we continuously and exclusively execute the following Method to this time.

Aligment of output gears of DMG2 Type gearbox

DMG2 series reducers are used in cement and mining industry together with lantern gear. It is a kind of power transmission package for driving ball mills. In order for this system to work properly , 2 output gears of the reducer must be synchronous and at the same time they must be in contact with the lantern gear. For this reason, the two output gears must be precisely adjusted to the synth. We successfully make this adjustment using a portable CMM.

Reverse engineering