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Reverse engineering

We reverse engineering power transmission systems and rotating equipment that used in many sectors such as Mining, Energy, Machinery, Iron and Steel and Cement. We have the experience of executing successful projects in more than 100 facilities in these sectors for years.


We engineering various Gearbox, Couplings and their spare parts and manufacturing with our partner companies. Based on our past experience, in order to produce quality products, we pass the production through the right processes and subject it to the necessary quality control process at all productions stages.

About us


PTS Makina serves the mechanical power transmission and rotary equipment sector, has set out to be a solution partner for the industry of Turkey, with its dynamic and experienced staff, taking its 12 years of experience behind it. We have a history of executing successful projects in more than 40 provinces in Turkey. As a result of these projects, we are an organization that examines the needs of the industry on site and offers the exact solutions. The most important feature of our company is to provide on-site ENGINEERING service to its customers. According to this service we offer, we minimize downtime in production.
We reverse engineering and manufacture  equipment that used in the Mining, Energy, Machinery, Steel and Cement industries.
We provide quality services to our customers by using the high-tech equipment and test devices needed for each project. Our most important principle is to serve our customers and business partners honestly and to maintain their trust in us.

Nima Cavid